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You might be here for one or more of a variety of reasons: You might have arrived via Facebook to see what I might have written about which we  agree or disagree. You might have just stumbled upon this site by accident as some others have done. Maybe you need a musician; maybe you’re thinking of taking guitar lessons; maybe you seek a reference for some music theory or technique or you’re one of my students and you’re taking advantage of ancillary lesson materials. You might be a friend looking to contact me and find out what I’ve been doing or someone looking for  a link to something you’ve been pondering and think I might have some information you can use. You could be compiling a list of subversive, atheist, commie pinkos to turn over to the FBI when you’re turn finally comes. No matter why you’re here, you’re welcome to look around and take whatever you see that interests you. –L


Something To Believe In — written by Terry Whitlock

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Shambala — written by Daniel Moore

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Classical Gas — written by Mason Williams

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I recorded the videos on this site at my cabin in Pennsylvania using a Sony Camcorder.

To see more videos click here or visit my YouTube channel.

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