1996-2003 EastRidge Mental Health Inc.

For seven years, from early 1996 through December of 2003,  I lived and worked with, counseled and cradled, bathed and butt-wiped adults with chronic and debilitating schizophrenia. If you haven’t done that I might insist that you should defer to my opinion of what constitutes insanity, but I cannot and will not do so. We all have our own idea about who suffers from insanity and who does not.  As a society, we judge a person insane whom we deem a danger to self and others. I acquired an education in psychology because I wanted to learn why we behave as we do, a minor in English because I wanted to learn how to think and earned an advanced degree in education mostly because I wanted to learn more about how we learn. I began to formalize my education when I was forty-two, after half a lifetime of living by the sweat of my brow, so to speak (oh yeah, I supplemented a lot of that sweat by singing :b

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