Holiday Welcome

by Larry Bish on December 27, 2009

Welcome, welcome, welcome! It’s Christmas morning and, instead of watching kids open presents and passing around gifts to adult family members, I sit here in my cabin writing the first post for my new blog. That sounds sad, doesn’t it? All I can say is . . . think about it. The mental picture of a lonely old man, shuffling slump-shouldered between his coffee pot and a chair, lost in despair and feeling empty, is no more accurate and true than the one of a happy gathering of friends and family with no anxiety or hassle.  Those last four words are very important to my point.  I have ideas about how I’d like the day to unfold, just as I do every day and, like every day before it, this one will proceed according to an agenda set in ways I will never understand as long as I remain encased in flesh. Still, I do have an idea that I’d like to do the following.

  • I’d like to complete a video of myself playing my amalgamated version of Mason William’s song , Classical Gas, and post it to my Facebook page so everyone can see how accomplished and wonderful I think I am
  • I’d like to take a walk.
  • I’d like to go into my bathroom and discover that, for Christmas, Santa sent me a contingent of janitor elves and they cleaned it while I was writing stuff on the computer.
  • I’d like to tape at least one guitar lesson and figure out how to organize them and make them available to my guitar students.
  • I’d like to meditate at least twice for one hour.
  • I’d like to practice some with my harmonizer and improve my familiarity with how to use it and my looping pedal in a live performance.

These things will direct my activities as I go about my day.  We choose what we live every moment of our lives. I choose to spend the Christmas holiday in solitude. That doesn’t mean I don’t wish everyone the very best this morning and every morning.  May you be well; may you be happy; may you be free from suffering.

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