When to Abandon Compromise

by Larry Bish on January 26, 2013

My mother hated Ronald Reagan with a ferocity that seemed almost pathological at the time. She spent a lot of energy railing against “Reaganomics”, a term she would spit out as though she’d taken a bite out of a sandwich made with spoiled meat. As I more and more frequently encounter statistics and graphs representing the economic trends of the past few decades the correctness of her resentment seems irrevocable; indisputable. But, like so many truths related to the conservative view, the absolute worst results possible seem to occupy positions of the highest esteem in that ideology. Why do they love this guy who started this downward spiral into social immobility and inequity, the obliteration of the middle class, this suicidal corporate governmental control that seems unstoppable in its drive to force us back to a feudalistic slave-based culture? What, exactly is the appeal? It seems to me that, to think like these people, one thing to avoid at all costs is frank honesty–truth–facts. Apparently I’m supposed to somehow overlook everything I see and blindly think of them as decent citizens of a benevolent society, caring and principled. Just how I’m supposed to do that eludes me completely. This country has gone to shit. There’s nothing promising about our opportunity, there’s nothing just about our justice, and there’s nothing magnanimous about our magnanimity, there’s nothing free about our freedom and there’s nothing peaceful about our peace. How can we expect to be considered a decent society while abandoning decency? This question is entirely rhetorical–I’m feeling intolerant.

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