Snake Pit

by Larry Bish on August 2, 2013

In The DarkI wonder why we find it so freakin’ impossible to come up with intelligent people of moral fiber who live by principles based on honesty and integrity to run for elected public service. Is the problem that our culture doesn’t honor or respect people of integrity? Is it that public service attracts slime balls who know from early on that public service is for slime balls so they proceed accordingly through college and on? Does honesty and virtue run against the grain of American values? Why all the schoolyard bully kind of diplomacy? Any mature adult knows better than that. Can’t we find anyone out of the almost 400 million people here intelligent or honest enough to prefer good will over fear mongering and threats willing to run for office ? Why do we continue to elect these disgusting, eleitist, racist, bigoted, scoundrels and ignorant, superstitious fools into high office in this country? There exist ways to block idiots from gaining and maintaining control of the money. What in the world is stopping us from implementing them? Money? That’s what idiots do . . . they get control of the money and then they call the shots. But THEY ONLY DO IT BECAUSE WE LET THEM!!

If we let it, this style of how to maintain social order will devolve into a system that depends upon brute power to perpetuate itself. The wrong people in the wrong positions (or, if you prefer, the right people for it) ends in disaster for the majority who would prefer a life relatively free from fear that their opinions will bring down upon them some sort of severe retribution.  This seems to me a question of authority, of how a person has come to view things like self-respect and dignity. I’m tired of being told I should love cops because they do such hard, dangerous work. Yes, fucking with people is dangerous and, sorry to pop your little cop bubble, a lot of cops fuck with people. I’ve had cops elbow me out of the way so they can beat the shit out of a mental patient I was talking down. They have no problem going where they have no business going. Dealing with people is hard work and requires a lot of training and expertise and, more than anything else, patience–empathy. It’s not a job we should turn over to every jerk who thinks he fits in because he doesn’t run from a fight. But they have the veil of secrecy to protect them. If the cops want to hang together–I say hang them. If we can’t come up with people interested in police work who are also intelligent enough to take their training seriously, to not revert to thug, base, warrior mentality, then we’re probably safer without police–at least then we only have to worry about criminals stealing our shit and not have the added concern that something we do or do not do can get us beat senseless by a pack of violent psychos in uniform. I know very well that a lot of decent people go into police work–but it doesn’t take a degree in psychology to see that lots of people who go into a profession that provides authority by giving you a gun and a badge go into that profession for reasons other than to serve the public. I don’t believe for a fucking minute that most of the people who go into police work are decent, well intentioned folks who just felt a calling to help others. The police need to be watched–constantly, by everybody. If they exist to serve it naturally follows that being observed doing it shouldn’t bother them at all. If they became police officers to channel their aggressive proclivities they belong in the army, not on a police force. I really believe we’re headed in a bad direction.

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