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October 2013

Morning Stream of Consciousness

by Larry Bish on October 12, 2013

In The DarkYou must awaken to the truth that your sense of separation from the world and from other separate things only reveals that you exist as an expression of life. To flower, to bloom and fulfill that expression will provide the meaning you seek that underlies the purpose that you represent.


A separate event apart from all other events, a process within process like a whirlpool in a river or a breeze on a summer day or a drop of rain in a shower or a clap of thunder in a storm. You exist as an expression of life; you exist as an event in time, as an emergence from within a scene or collage. Your sense of you has at most the illusion of separateness which gives you an illusory and minute feeling of identity, insignificant, but possessed of a false claim of superiority and importance. In the grand scheme of things you have no more or less importance than a grain of sand or a blade of grass but in reality your place alongside these expressions of being, these other processes, ideas of eminence and false separation you hold a place equal to but not greater than these . Freedom of choice? Free will? This is simply will to avoid responsibility or assume it in order to be forgiven. A trick. Words come through my brain and I categorize and make sense of them. I have no limitations in this regard. Whole brain? I think so–maybe–but this can only exist in the manner of measure. Some have more integration, some less. Plan? What for? I am that I am. I have no need of plans. Divine? I am you. Do you think yourself divine? We have done this dance for many years now. Don’t you think it time to relax a bit? We may do something interesting, may not—what does it matter? You come to life, live, then die and live no more. Life simply balances not-life. That is all it does. Of course it seems wonderful but why should life seem more wonderful than non-life? Awareness? Do you find yourself aware? Your awareness has specific limitation. At any given time you can only focus on the immediate events close to you or projections of them provided by your technology. That constitutes the fascination with technology—what McLuhan called “the extensions of man”. Man—get out of yourself and realize you are that you are—all that is—the alpha and the omega. Each an illusory separation from all—Part? No. No part exists; the cooperation of atoms of all things, of motion, of energy, is a synergistic whole.