American Culture

by Larry Bish on March 27, 2016

January 14 2012I think a lot of big sprawling problems boil down to two aspects of American life—market capitalism and fundamentalist christianity–the foundations of our culture and the two things most destructive within it (just tons and tons of the sacred ”freedom” in those concepts, right? – NOT! So, the problem is culture; American culture–based on greed and superstition, two childish notions fed to our children who continue to believe in them into adulthood. Both are antiquated methods of control. Why is that so hard to face? That’s the real “American exceptional-ism” — Americans are exceptionally childish. The rest of the world knows this and used to say it often until we started killing them — now they’re either hostile toward us or afraid to say what they really think—except our wonderfully good-humored neighbors, the Canadians, who have begun to chide our silly dilemma. If things go a certain way I feel the time may surely come to get serious about moving to Canada; leave this embarrassing lunacy to the lunatics who seem convinced that this is so wonderful the whole world must join in; and they do, some with the same gluttony (or more) that we have ourselves.
When I hear about how the whole world is desperate to come here so they can enjoy our freedom I have to wonder how much of that exuberance is just having the kind of ambition, greed and confidence that would make one want to get into the game of screw your neighbor. To at least some considerable degree that’s what attracts them and why a certain type of American hates them. I mean, how many Americans really believe the inscription on the Statue of Liberty? Do you? Oh? If we take the hypocrisy out of American culture, what will we have? Will we still look the same, or would we have a very different culture? Bernie Sanders is asking us to take an honest look at ourselves and make some changes. Seems too much for a lot of us to handle—but not the young people. Many of us have participated in this sort of movement before and we managed to get a start on evolving out of antiquated ideas about acquisition and success by confronting our open wounds, infestations and oozing sores. We got behind leaders who recognized that love isn’t weakness, nor is it an enemy that prevents ‘progress’ – but it might prevent rape: you can’t destroy the earth if you love it.

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