2011-12-18 09-50-17.597Education is where a lot of the misconceptions and craziness we allow to happen to us gets perpetrated and perpetuated. I’ve given this a lot of thought. It will take some time to clearly explain what I think about it.

As I watch the legislators and leaders pretend to scuffle, some unpleasant conclusions drawn by thinkers and writers I have encountered over the years come to mind; such as, that, in the same way that democracy was never our intention, our educational system never had education as its purpose–not ever. Special interests designed and forcibly implemented it in order to school children in how to read, the mechanics of basic writing and basic math and to condition them into conformity and out of their imaginations and their natural curiosity about life; it is designed, above all, to discourage children from reasoning and to teach them to rely, instead, upon emotional reactions.  Learning the “Three R’s”  (?) is not equivalent to acquiring an education. In the deepest sense toward that end, they do not even matter.

Teaching children to reason would encourage them to put to good use their natural drive to understand and make sense of the world they inhabit at its most vivid and intense stage of development. This doesn’t happen due to the accurate perception that it would spell the end of the present social order; a possibility long known and deeply feared by those who have to this point enjoyed undeserved power and privilege through maintaining it.

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