First Person Present Tense

Picture 11One of the neatest tools for cleaning up ambiguity in writing has to do with the problem of the verb, to be. I encountered a solution to this a long time ago when I learned to use E-prime, which eliminates all forms of the verb, to be and all conjugations of it from the face of the earth. The misuse of this important verb might have something to do with the English expansion–to the detriment of the rest of the world. I was reading something about a Greek philosopher, Parmenides, and came across this sentence:

“In ancient Greek, which, like many languages in the world, does not always require the presence of a subject for a verb, “is” functions as a grammatically complete sentence.” (Parmenides. (2009,Dec.26). In Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. Retrieved  January 7, from

So it seems to me that the English language includes the misuse of the most important verb to arise in western thought. I’ll think about that for a while.

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