Of all the aspects, conditions, events or colorations of my life, nothing has influenced and directed my experience as much as my having learned to play the guitar at an early age. People and places have come and gone, skies have been blue and skies have been grey, but through every┬ávicissitude, every hardship and trial, my guitar has always provided a way to vent my frustrations, express my sorrow, and exude what joy I have had. I don’t like┬ácomparisons when it comes to the guitar. How much better or worse I play than so-and-so (usually a world master on some level) or whether I play well at all, misses the point. The road to mastery ends with understanding. I have learned more from learning to play than I have learned from playing. The vibration of the universe creates a tone. It can be thought of as a sensation, but that isn’t the sort of tone you discover when music takes hold of you in the form of making you the instrument. I started out on drums. That’s how we say it, right? He “started out on drums” So, for me, drums was a gateway instrument.

Would You Like to Play the Guitar? – ┬áPat Donahue

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Music Theory

Guitar Technique

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