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I’ve been performing in bars, clubs and resteraunts since I was 15 years old, that’s . . . a long time. I started out in 1965, playing guitar and singing country and western music in the honky tonks around my home town of Greenville, Pa.  A friend, Denny Weldon,  and I recorded an album in 1967 featuring songs written by Paul Simon and a few of my own compositions. I joined the Marine Corps just before my 18th birthday and did a 3-year hitch, 13 months of it in South Vietnam. When my enlistment was up, in October of 1971,  Denny and I reformed our act, picked up drummer Geoff Marenchen, called our new band Casper,  and moved to State College, Pa. Casper disbanded in spring of ’72 so I and girlfriend Joan Shisler, spent a percentage of our meager savings on two frame back-packs and a two-man pup tent and  hitched across Canada, then, after convincing two Indians who had mugged us to return enough cash for  boat tickets to Seattle, then hitch to Portland and on to Denver where we lived for a year where Joanie worked as a cahsier while I worked construction during the day and played coffee houses at night. It was a different world in the seventies. She and I moved back to State College in the spring of ’74 when I received a letter from a guitar player/song writer I’d met in State College named Jon Rounds asking me to join a band he was forming with his brother, Jamie. Thus I became a founding member of  two popular State College bar bands, The Rounds Brothers Band and, later, Tahoka Freeway, a Texas swing band that played the same circuit as Asleep at the Wheel and other big acts . Between bands, I established myself as a viable single performer. I moved to western New York in 1980 and, for 15 years, played in the bars, ski areas and resorts that pepper that part of the state. In 1995 I moved to West Virginia, near DC. I lived in that part of the country for about 12 years when it occurred to me how much I loved central Pennsylvania and that I had no good reason not to move back! So a year ago I returned to the area, still playing music and enjoying life. This page is a sampling of how this has all turned out for me musically.

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I’ve included videos I’ve made at home using a camcorder, links to more of these,  and audio recordings of performances made throughout my career,  including a fair number of live performances from the seventies and other times in my life. I intend to add to this collection as I am able. For now I hope to provide an entertaining portfolio of what I have to offer as a musician and songwriter. I hope you enjoy it.

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